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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A New Little Light in the Distance

Well, it seems that my last post was somewhat prophetic. Early Friday morning, following a long, but not too difficult labor, our son was born. I won't go into the gory details (and they are a bit gory), but in the end, we all came through it okay, and are now settling in at home as a family of three (four, if you include the dog).

The hospital experience was interesting, to say the least. One of my roommates was a young Russian woman who's been in Israel for approximately eightteen months, married to a young man from Italy who's been in Israeli for slightly less time. During the course of their relationship, she'd managed to learn both Hebrew and fluent Italian, while he hasn't managed to learn any Hebrew. Most of the other women in the ward seemed to be either Arab or Russian, with native Israelis being few and far between. The post-birth exercise class that I attended included no native Hebrew speakers, and when the physiotherapist instructing the class handed out printed exercise instructions in Hebrew, I wondered whether any of us would actually be able to read them without problems. Just another typical Israeli experience.

In any event, I'm sure that none of you (assuming I have any faithful readers out there) will mind if I keep this entry short, as I'm somewhat busier than usual these days. Will try to write again soon, but just keep checking this space and I'll do my best to keep it filled...


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